2015 Water Our Precious Resource
2014 Skyline Parks and Open Space
2013 The Cats Estate
2012 The Cats Roadhouse and Tavern
2011 Mount Umunhum
2010 South Pacific Coast Railroad
2009 Reflections ~ 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
2008 Fred Walter, 102 Years Young
2007 Lakeside School, The Little Red School House
2006 Kate Desin Radonich, Mountain Pioneer
2005 The Wineries of the Los Gatos-Santa Cruz Mountains
2004 John Battenberg, Sculpture Extraordinare
2003 Trompe L'oeil The Perspective Illusionism of John Pugh
2002 Interlude In Eden, Yehudi Menuhin In Alma
2001 Partners In Beauty, George Dennison and Frank Ingerson
2000 Allan and Malcolm Loughead, The Lockheed Brothers
1999 John Steinbeck in the Santa Cruz Mountains
1998 Josephine Clifford McCrackin
1997 The Chateau Liberte
1996 Memories of Days Gone By, Loma Prieta School, 1952-1989
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